Monday, March 2, 2015

Empathy Compilation

     I don't have much info to give regarding the origins of this comp. or the label that put it out. The Bandcamp says the label is from New York, but that doesn't help much. With little to no info guiding me in the right direction, the one thing I know for sure is that the six bands featured on this thing are all super rad and feature a bunch of my friends and their stellar musical visions. This starts with a relatively quick blast from Wet Petals from New York, who turn out a song that wouldn't have been out of place on a Jihad record. The second song is from People's Temple Project who are also from New York. They turn out a 13 second ditty that is over as quick as it began. Song number 3 comes to us from Baton Rouge's own Secret Smoker. They don't disappoint with their always solid take on DC influenced emocore and the longest song on the record. Coma Regalia from Indiana grace the number 4 spot with their already legendary take on emoviolence. The always mysterious Oregon/Canada basketcases in мятеж blow up song #5 with their own unnerving noise/lo-fi/violence concoction. Finally, rounding out this thing is the always entertaining Waller from Maryland. They throw down a track that brings to mind equal parts Killdozer and Scratch Acid. Completely odd and strangely fitting after the emo onslaught that preceded it. All in all, this compilation offers up a few bands that some folks may not be familiar with, some they most certainly will be familiar with and a concept as strange and mysterious as the label that put it out.


  1. pretty sure it's just Middle Man Records.

  2. Middle man did not put this out

  3. Middle-Man records is based in Indiana. The label that released this, Akashita Corporation, is located in New York.