Monday, November 5, 2012

This Is The Jist Of It, The Crux Of It...

It's official...

The roads have all been blocked
There is nowhere left to travel
No one left to guide us

Are we stuck here?

We have been relegated to the sidelines
You are no longer the martyr
I am no longer the life of the party

And now, we wait...

With the shortening of days,
I hope we can still find the time to...
Have it out with the neighbors
God damn they are being much louder than usual!

For once, I would like the acknowledgement.

Worry, whisper, wonder aloud to the wind
Never forgetting, these tales are ours to tell
for years to come, for the ages...

For, the prophets once spoke of a great brightening
On the horizon
On the heels of prosperity, there is no bloodline
Unearth your mighty heart
It will be the only guide you need

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