Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bien À Toi - Diriger, Séduire, Convaincre EP

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I say Yes!! Yes!! A million times Yes to screamy Parisian Post-Everything!!! These young lads sure know how to keep my attention where so many other, almost exclusively instrumental bands have failed in the past. It is all in the build-up!! There are only a few bursts where they decide to grace us with vocals, but, let me tell you, those few-and-far-betweens are oh so worth it. For the most part, I find it hard to sit through songs when I know I am not going to receive that cathartic outpouring of screamed chaos. It was obvious, right off the bat that this wasn't going to be the case here. There is enough going on within the span of each of these four songs that it is near impossible to lose interest. Yes, there are a few repetitive parts from time to time. That is to be expected with this sort of sound. There is also plenty of pulsing and swelling woven throughout these intricate webs of layered noise. Strangely enough, I get an almost Trip-Hop feel from some of the passages. Very organic, like a light, warm rain falling upon the broad leaves of your favorite tree as you nap beneath it, without a care in the world. Although, once that ever-expanding build-up reaches the final crescendo, it is near impossible to sit still. Even without constant vocals, these songs feel full and powerful and rub me in all the right places. I guess, if you need comparisons, I can mention Envy and Aussitôt Mort and Godspeed You! Black Emperor... I am finding it more and more difficult to compare bands these days. If you listen and you like what you hear, more power to you. If you have heard of any of the aforementioned bands, I think you will certainly love this. 

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