Monday, October 29, 2012

Vulturepeak - Vulturepeak

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     No matter how often I say this band's name in my head or read it on the screen, I am always left wanting to call them Vulturespeak... As in, the language of vultures... I wonder what language vultures would speak in? I picture drunken, dirty french for some reason...
     Anyway, Vulturepeak are a two-piece band from Pennsylvania who play a super aggressive style of Post-Hardcore that easily incorporates a handful of different sounds into each song. Let me tell you, for a two-piece, these guys sure do make a ton of racket! These gentlemen throw a bit of everything at us here... From deep Chugga Melodic Hardcore to completely raw Screamo and even some gruff Pop-Punk sounding bits here and there. Basically, they are giving up a taste of all of their influences all at once and I am certainly not complaining. They are doing a fine job at blending each style together, seamlessly switching from techy riffs to melodic guitar lines to over driven chaos in a single bound. The vocals are quite interesting here, one moment sounding very raw and gruff and reminding me of Small Brown Bike or any number of bands from No Idea Records in the early 2000's. The next they are being screamed to incoherence with little to no regard for melody. I really love the fourth song, which is called 'Familiar.' It completely steps away from the formula with a build-up that is just so awe-inspiring that I have been stuck listening to it so many times in a row now I might as well just get it tattooed inside my brain. From metallic Post-Metal to Emo-Violence to somber, almost Goth-like passages, this band is ruling it!!! If you have ever found yourself enjoying the heavier side of music, no matter where your allegiances lie, I think you would do well by giving Vulturepeak your full attention.

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