Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Do You Compute - And We Are The Winners... LP

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     Coming from Paris AND featuring former members of Belle Epoque were just two of the reasons I was so interested in this band from the start. Naming themselves after a Drive Like Jehu song certainly wasn't a detractor for me either. And, just like their name would lead you to believe, these guys play it all jittery, driving and claustrophobic almost as well as Jehu played it. Now, some of you might scoff at that sentence, seeing as how Drive Like Jehu were and continue to be one of the most revered Post-Hardcore bands of all time. There have been many bands over the years who have tried and failed to emulate the urgency and raw emotion in song the way those boys from San Diego did it.

Do You Compute have succeeded.

     The 10 songs on this full-length are a testament to Punks growing older, breaking free from the confines of any one genre and creating something that pulls from all directions. These songs can go from caustic, throbbing Post-Hardcore to distortion drenched, AmRep-style Noise-Rock to an almost Crust-n-Roll barrage of machine gun riffs in a single turn. The vocals aren't screamed so much as hoarsely shouted, which makes it pretty easy to understand what everyone in the band is yelling about. That's another thing I like... Three of the four guys are singing, growling and bellowing. It makes for a very well-rounded listening experience, with voices coming at you from all directions.

While some of the songs do pull heavily from that Jehu influence, they aren't overly reliant on that one sound. As I was saying, I detect everything from Jesus Lizard nihilism to the mathy aspects of Hero Of A Hundred Fights to the wall-of-sound confrontation of Tragedy or His Hero Is Gone. From Post-Metal to Aargh-Core to Indie-Thrash and everything in between. There is going to be something here for fans of any and all forms of heavy music.

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