Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jacques Rocque - First 2 EP's Cassette

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Nathanial from Every Poets Disease contacted me about reviewing the first tape release for his new label named Blink Slightly Records. I couldn't be more stoked!!! Jacques Rocque are from the Detroit, Michigan area and have been picking up a ton of steam as of late with their fuzzy, noodly take on lo-fi Screamo and Post-Hardcore. The songs on this cassette make up the band's first two EP releases and it really shows a band in that magical stage where the creativity birthed between the band members is at an all-time high. There is so much anger, pain and desperation seething and surging through the six songs here that is is just impossible not to be taken aback by it. Twinkle, Noodle, Skronk and Scream!!!! The vocals are of the super overwrought variety. I guess a band like The Kodan Armada would be a good starting point as far as a comparison. There is just so much going on within each song, it is tough to compare to any one band or sound. Spoken vocals, gruffly sung vocals, screeching, screaming and plenty of melody intertwine to create pure, blissful madness!! The first song on side B is particularly interesting with the weird sound manipulations that happen toward the end of the track. Definitely not typical of this style. I would also like to mention the powerful imagery brought to mind by the lyrics here. They are cryptic and personal and sad and hopeful and everything I want lyrically from a band like this. I have been stoked on these songs ever since I first heard them not too long ago. I am excited to see where these guys take us next!

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