Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anomie - Discography(1994-1997)

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Europe in the 90's must have been a magical place. French, German and Czech Screamo bands were growing and forwarding the genre in ways that I can't even describe in words. Anomie were from France and without sounding like too much of a fanboy, I have to say, were the reason bands like Raein and Amanda Woodward and Juliette ever even existed. I have been feeling super nostalgic lately and listening to Anomie and Undone and Akephal for the first time in ages has really done a good job of making me feel 16 again. Trying to describe what Anomie sounds like is a lesson in futility as they are just so intense and awe-inspiring I don't think I would or could do them justice in just a few words. Download their discography and find out for yourself.


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