Friday, August 3, 2012

Tapestry - Self-Titled EP

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I am super stoked to bring you all the debut EP from Tapestry!! These young men are from Singapore and they are playing a style that doesn't really get it's due these days. I guess labels like Count Your Lucky Stars are working to bring back this Indie-influenced Emocore stuff. I think Tapestry would fit just perfectly on that label. This isn't that noodly Emo that all the kids are going nuts over lately. These guys are playing it very traditional, with the loud/soft dynamic in full effect. The vocals have that somewhat off-key tone that just make the songs so endearing. Sometimes, I am reminded of The Pine or The Hated or Evergreen. You know, that somewhat Slow-Core feel that just builds until the band sounds like they are on the verge of total collapse. There is much talk of hope, redemption, fear and faith in the lyrics. Very Emo indeed!! I have always had a weekness for this sound. I guess, if you like Penfold or Sweater Weather or 100 Words For Snow, I don't think you would be disappointed with Tapestry. Personally, I am stoked to hear a band playing this style and doing it so well. I hope they grace us with a full-length sooner than later.

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