Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Burweed - Eyes Down South EP

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     Normally, I would be turned off by a band that gets described to me as "Atmospheric Alternative Metal." I was a little hesitant to review, or even listen to this EP request based strictly on that description. Today though, I have the day off and figured, what the hell? Sure glad I did.
     Burweed are from Karhula in the south of Finland. I am sure it gets nice and cold there in the winter. If that is the case, it makes perfect sense that Burweed would create this sort of claustrophobic, haunting bitterness. These four songs float about in a haze of dour and harsh reflectiveness. From soft and listless to a solid wall of noise, this is Post-Metal played right.
     I will give a few R.I.Y.L...

     Aereogramme, Oceansize, Neurosis, Intronaut, Tool, Godflesh, Battle Of Mice, Jesu.

     I don't often find myself in the throes of total immersion in Post-Rock and Post-Metal records. Though, when bands like Burweed are out there creating this sort of perfect reefer smoking morning music, I can't help but be impressed.


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