Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Animal Faces - Anomie

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     Yes!!!! It is finally here!!! This is the new album by one of the best Post-Hardcore bands going right now. Animal Faces are from Toronto and yes, I have posted about them before.  I am absolutely in love with this band. They play a totally solid, inspirational brand of twitchy, off-time/off-kilter Post-Punk/Hardcore/Screamo... They definitely defy definition. The six songs here are exactly what I have been craving lately. The guitars go from clean to crunchy and are totally up front in the mix. Ryan, who plays guitar and sings, has this specific rasp to his voice that is just so infectious, I can't even describe what I feel when I hear him sing and scream. I am so excited for the possibility of these guys touring on this record. I want them to play The Morgue so bad I can taste it. This record is beautiful and the men in this band are totally dedicated to D.I.Y. What more could you ask for? I am not going to spend too much time comparing Animal Faces to any other bands. You will just have to listen and see for yourself. I for one am going to press play again, for the 9th time today. Yes!!!!

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