Monday, May 28, 2012

Perverse, Though It Seems Today, The Sun Can Finally Shine For Me

Maybe you should wait until one, when all the beer is gone, and all the cigarettes are gone, and all you can think about, is how she is missing you. And all you want to do is wrap yourself in one of her shirts just to smell her... And, Ghost Thrower isn't doing anything for you right now. Writing isn't doing anything for you... The ellipsis isn't doing anything... The only respite is the bar. That bar, that Comet, that Highline, That Canterburys. Those stories are the only thing saving you as she waits for a niece to be born, down south, so far away. I am alone, I am not alone, I know. The friends I keep are all around, they are... Though, they hesitate to call. We are not alone, we are never alone. I am always filled with thoughts of you. Friends, My Lover, My near Wife.

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