Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Suns - The Engine Room

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Suns, from Connecticut, are playing a rather morose brand of Emo-ish Slowcore that is working in perfect harmony with this rainy Seattle weather. The idea of "Blackened Emo" is a recent revelation for me, though, that descriptor pretty much sums up what I am hearing in these songs. Willy, Willy, Billy and Pete have certainly been studying up on their Codeine, Slint and Blacktop Cadence records. These songs completely encompass that Loud-Soft dynamic I have loved and relied on for so many years for inspiration. The sad stories of life, love and broken hearts contained on this record are exactly what I have been looking for lately. If you enjoy Cloud Nothings or Ghost Thrower, you should grab this immediatly and get with the program. Well Done Guys!!!

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