Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Slurred Speech/Twin Cyclist - Split EP

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     This arrived in my inbox this morning as a very pleasant surprise. Sea Of Tranquility Records out of Lawrence, Kansas have released a plethora of solid jams over the last little while and this is no exception. I might even go so far as to call this a modern Emo classic. Some readers might laugh at that statement, but, I don't care. The sounds I am hearing pour forth from this record have transported me to a much simpler time. A time before the Myspaces and Facebooks and Twitters took a dump all over our collective consciousness. There was a time when bands who generally sounded nothing alike could play a show together, or tour together and everyone would just be so stoked to be there, to be a part of it. Braids could play with Yahmos could play with RentAmericas could play with Aus-Rottens... Hardline Straight Edge bands were playing with "Crybaby Emo" bands and those Emo bands were playing with Crusty Stench-Core bands and everyone was content to enjoy it. There were no genre lines. There were no message boards. There was just community.
     Both bands on this split are playing it the way it used to be in the early 90's. Boundless and passion filled.  Well, I'm not sure if "band" is the correct term to use to describe Slurred Speech...? How about one-man band? Slurred Speech is Josh, Josh is Slurred Speech. He plays stark, naked Acoustic-Emo/Folk with passion and heart. His songs are gruff, melodic, introspective, sometimes screamy and all-around moving. Think Kind Of Like Spitting meets Thoughts Paint The Sky. I would love to see him play live as I am certain he could command a room with the power of his voice.
     Sometimes, I have trouble describing in writing how a band sounds to me. I am having that problem with Twin Cyclist. They are a two-piece band that sound like a four-piece band playing sometimes Noodely, sometimes chaotically screamy Post-Hardcore. I do know that on their EP entitled Gilded Days, Josh Slurred Speech actually played bass. So, that might help bring a bit of circular connection to this split. Anyway, these gentlemen scream like Indian Summer, they twinkle like Cap'n Jazz, they emote like all the best bands do and they are doing it as a two-piece. I certainly can't fail to mention the soundbite that begins the song 'Grays'. The Life Aquatic is one of my favorite movies ever and if anyone can successfully use it to help build a song's atmosphere, I am going to love you forever. This is, perhaps, everything I have ever wanted from music.

     I am more than stoked on this EP. Good job all around!!!


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