Saturday, April 7, 2012

Windrone - Scraps EP

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Sometimes, I get requests to review records that just leave me stumped and bewildered. Windrone are one of those bands. Coming from Italy, these madmen have concocted a volatile whirlwind of riff-heavy distortion and sonic cacophony that reminds me of godheadsilo, The Jesus Lizard, early Helmet and almost everything else that came and went on the revered Amphetamine Reptile label. The thing is, where a lot of Noisy Rock bands tend to rely on the lumbering molasses dirge, these guys keep their songs traveling at a quick enough current that it is completely impossible to get bored. Their songs are raucous, blown-out affairs that leave little breathing room. To my ears, the tracks here are definitely culling from more of a Rock influence than a straight Punk influence, but, that does little to dull the intensity of the EP. The band is tightly wound, the vocals are gruff and forceful, the lyrics are strong... Everything needed to keep my interest in the long run. This should appeal to fans of the aforementioned bands as well as any Noise-Rock bands that know how to keep it heavy, without sacrificing that forceful, forward gallop. Think Mclusky. Think Future Of The Left. Think Karp. Think with the volume turned up all the way and a joint dangling from your lips. Think I'm kidding?

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