Thursday, March 15, 2012

Steelhorse - Soapbox E.P.

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Oh yeah Seattle!!! You continually amaze me!!! How is it I have lived here four years and have only as of last night heard of this amazing band?? Well, better late than never, I guess. Anyway, Steelhorse are a wonderful three-piece from right here in the Emerald City. Consisting of John on guitar, Matt on Bass and Mr. Malibu on drums. I am pretty sure they all contribute vocals, at least that's what I saw last night through my drunken haze as these three young men destroyed the stage at Highline Bar. Steelhorse play it rough, raw and with a hell of a lot of melody. Think early Jawbreaker, Operation: Clff Clavin and even the Descendents. Pop-Punk, Emo and like, revved-up Folk-Punk are the sounds they are dealing in. As far as the lyrics go, These gents are writing from a very personal perspective. Socio-Political and earnest stories of local problems, liver problems, long gone friends and future's bright battles. I feel very lucky to have met these guys. Steelhorse, along with our other local Pop-Punk heroes, Snuggle, are helping to reignite my love for this type of Punk Rock.

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