Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ashes Forever - Love, Leave, Forget, Repeat

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Got a request from the band to review this one song E.P. ... Um... Holy Shit!!!

I am at a loss for words here. Ashes Forever are a two-piece from New York... They used to be called Don't Give A Fuck. I am definitely digging the name change. Um... I just don't even know what I am listening to... This is basically the sound of the end times. Take everything you have ever loved about all your favorite heavy genres, Psychotically tie them together with tiny bits of string like a schizophrenic Vietnam vet and toss them in a cauldron of boiling phantasm... You would almost come close to what this song is doing to me right now. If you didn't know this was a two-piece band, you might envision what it looked like when Pg. 99 was on stage. There is so much happening throughout the ten plus minutes of this composition. So many twists and turns. The drummer Matt is fucking killing it!!! O.K.  I am just going to go for it: Chaotic Screamo Hardcore, Metal(Post, Thrash, Power, Sludge), Industrial(Like Ministry or Atari Teenage Riot or something), Post-Punk... I don't even want to try to compare this to anything else. It isn't often a band comes around who are doing something completely different and original. I have been floored.

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