Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kohosh - Survival Guide LP

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Kohosh from Seattle play layered Anarcho-Punk with passion, sincerity and hope for a brighter future. I am honored to be able to call these ladies and gentlemen my friends. It is bands like this that keep me amazed and infatuated with our local scene. Ummm, I guess I should mention the extensive list of bands Kohosh have in their pedigree: Agatha, Alliaceous, Contravene, Creosote, Garmonbozia, Oroku, Pipsqueak, Roanoke, Skarp, Snuggle... I am sure the list could go on. That doesn't even really matter here though. Kohosh unequivocally stand on their own amongst the myriad sounds the band members have mined over the years. I can certainly hear some of that early Crass Records sound in these songs. They are definitely not playing it typical here. These songs are longer, drawn-out affairs that rely on atmosphere and that oh-so-sweet build-up to get the point across. With a twin guitar attack, beautiful wandering bass lines, ripping drums, some of the most entrancing cello work presented on a Punk record in years and Taryn's mesmerizing vocals bringing it all together, this record is a heart stopper!! I should have some band comparisons to give you, but, I am sort of coming up short in that department. How about this? Antischism, Spitboy, Kill The Man Who Questions, Remains Of The Day, Zounds, The Mob, K.U.K.L., Post Regiment, Submission Hold, Gorilla Angreb... Yeah, they are certainly working within the frame of amazing inspiration and pure heart. If this is the sound of modern Anarchy and social change, I am completely on board. One thing I need to mention is my inability to find a full album link... So, you are going to have to get by with the songs on their Bandcamp page. You could also just contact the band and buy the record directly from them. Oh yeah, I should mention the fact that this record was released collectively by five labels. Trujaca Fala Records from Poland, Tomorrow Belongs To Us Records, Acclaim Collective from Japan, Cut The Chord That... Records and Seattle's own Persons Unknown Records, who I can't find a link for. By the way, Kohosh are going to be on tour in April, here are the dates:

Go see them when they come to your town. Say hello, they are some of the nicest people in the world.

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