Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chambers - La Mano Sinistra LP

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Figured I would throw this up real quick, even though I know it has been posted elsewhere incessantly. I have been sitting here for hours listening to this over and over... And over. Mind is blown right now! Chambers are a five piece from Italy featuring former Violent Breakfast members, which actually isn't a bad starting point when trying to decide where and how to begin describing this band. There are seriously heavy Post-Rock elements surging throughout this record. But unlike Violent Breakfast, the vocals here are less screamy, less chaotic... Utilizing more of a deep, growled bellow that still makes my ears ring in the best way possible. Some of these songs almost take on a southern Sludge or Crust thing at times too, relying on a steady guitar gallop that reminds me a bit of Tragedy or Ekkaia. There are also tons of spaced-out spoken word interludes that really only add to the overwhelmingly oppressive feel and weight of this record. Like Planes Mistaken For Stars tripping out on the new Death Mercedes LP while Baroness paints them in the nude. This has been the perfect album to listen to as the two cookies I ate around an hour ago begin to take hold on my brain.

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