Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bonehouse - 2011 Demo

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Bonehouse are from Scotland and were born from the ashes of Archives and The Fall Of Boss Koala. This is beautifully executed Emo/Post-Hardcore from a gaggle of U.K. scene veterans. I am completely digging this right now and remembering the feeling of hearing bands like Bob Tilton and Still Life for the first time all those years ago. These songs are definitely not a full-blown screamy cacophony like you might expect given the members histories. Though they do reach that fevered pitch at times on these recordings, this band has more in common with Fugazi, Embrace and Washington D.C.'s Revolution Summer than Reversal Of Man's 'Revolution Summer' 10". I hear influence from the likes of Sinaloa, Daniel Striped Tiger and as the band mentions, The Appleseed Cast and Life At These Speeds. This is an amazing demo and I am waiting with bated breath for what these fellas give us next.

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