Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mononoke - Aussicht?!

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Another AWESOME band from Germany!!! I am in Heaven!!! This time around though, you can really tell where these guys are from.  All the lyrics are in German(with English translations!!!), as well as the vocals. Mononoke play an unbelievably brutal and massively dirgeful amalgam of Screamo and Post-Rocking goodness that has got me running laps, fist pumping and diving onto my couch in between typing this. The songs are not fast by any means, but, I really find myself raging to the sounds these fellas have created. The lyrics are all sorts of cryptic and strange and I don't believe it to be the translation either. I would like to say I could make some sense of what they are trying to impart in their words, but, I am totally at a loss... Sonically speaking, some of these songs are almost verging on Doom or Sludge Metal at times interspersed with short bursts of anger induced speed, I would most closely compare this band to Screamo luminaries such as I Would Set Myself On Fire For You, Men As Trees, Balboa and The Blue Letter.  I also want to mention a couple bands like Isis and Cult Of Luna as a reference point as most of Mononoke's songs tend to meander and build toward the inevitable outburst like all the best Post-Rock is supposed to. I am so stoked on German Hardcore right now!!! I want more!!!!!

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