Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cannon For Cordoba - Among All Letters EP

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Sometimes, having absolutely nothing to do on a day off can be a wonderful feeling.  Unfortunately, today wasn't that day.  Finally home though, I have had some time to relax, fart around online and work on the blog.  I found out about this remarkable band from Germany while doing some research on IMDb regarding George Peppard movies.   When bands take their name directly from a movie, I hope, or at least assume said band could or should play a style that might elicit the same sort of feeling the movie does.  In the case of Cannon For Cordoba(the band), I am pretty sure they can and do explode like the cannons from the movie of the same name.  I don't really know what that means other than this is some very well executed, tightly wound Post-Hardcore that can go from a lulling whisper to a violent eruption in seconds flat.  Though they sing in English, every so often their accents shine through and that is when I enjoy the songs the most. I would also like to comment on how much I love the lyrics in these songs. Particularly the hopeful nature of the lyrics in the song 'Give Something Back'. 9 times out of 10 I feel like bands playing in this particular genre tend to go directly to the darkest corners for lyrical inspiration. It is very refreshing to hear songs this aggressive with lyrics that would make a Pop-Punk band smile.  Wow, I am really failing at forming cohesive thoughts today... I really need to sleep.  All in all, I think these guys are rad! They sound like they listen to plenty of Refused and Glassjaw and At The Drive-In. Singing, screaming, talking and melody all wrapped up together is exactly what I want right now.

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