Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Small Brown Bike - Our Own Wars LP

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Not sure I can say much about this album that hasn't been said thousands of times before? This is a pristine example of pissed off, gruff Emo-Hardcore at it's finest.  These songs are seething with anger, regret, self-hatred and misery, though there is a constant, underlying current of hope and redemption running throughout. I don't know how to describe these songs as they mean so much to me personally. I can say with the utmost certainty that I needed to discover this band when I did. When I first heard this record, my life was at a crossroads. I was on death's doorstep with nowhere to go but down. It was 1999, I was sick from years of abuse and finding this record was, quite possibly, my one grande memory of that hellish moment in time. I won't go so far as to say I owe this album, and Small Brown Bike collectively for saving my life. But, I won't not say that. Anyway, without falling into a diatribe about the perils of narcotics abuse and the need to surround ourselves with loving, caring friends and family, I will just say that without 'Our Own Wars', I might not be here typing this right now.  Oh yeah, I guess I shouldn't forget to rattle off the cliched and pointless somethings like: R.I.Y.L. Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, Samiam, Dear Landlord, Hunter/Gatherer... If you don't already know how great this record is, I feel sorry for you.

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