Friday, February 3, 2012

In The Commonwealth

We are living in the shadow of untarnished majesty.  The clouds can roll on, we can still toast the sun, we can all chase our unspoken fantasies.  If you speak, and your words fail as a careless hope, that doesn't mean you need to hold your tongue.  Quite the contrary.  You are in my lap. I almost want to choke you... But, I wont. When I hear the dirty and the clean vocal together, there is no way I will not know where I am.  The voices are novice. They have no idea why we are going where we are going.  You are kidding yourself. Don't try to keep up with these young ones. Your bedroom walls are bleeding black mold. That is where we belong. Amongst the filth and fervor.  You can feel sorry for yourself, you can. I wouldn't, no, I wont.

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