Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Saddest Landscape - After The Lights LP

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There are plenty of people who have written off Andy Maddox as living in the past. I never saw it that way. The man has been creating passionate, emotionally charged Hardcore Punk longer than some modern "Screamo" fans have even been alive.  The way I figure it is, if he still has enough anger and sadness coursing through him to make him feel the need to write these sorts of songs, more power to him.  I always figured the older I got, the easier it would be for me to walk away from Punk and Hardcore... No such luck.  It was impossible in my mid 20's, even more so now.  So, I can see where he is coming from.  This is the brand new album from his longest running project. These songs don't stray too far from what the band has been doing for years. Emotional Screamo Hardcore is everything I want, it is everything that makes my blood pump. You can not go wrong by listening to this band if you like the sounds of Portraits Of Past, Wow, Owls!, Lizards Have Personalities or Sinaloa.  Overwrought poeticisms bracing themselves against some ripping, almost bouncy soundscapes isn't the worst thing, is it? When I say bouncy, I don't mean pop. There is just an underlying melody that makes these songs that much more acerbic. I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't listening to this album as I typed this. It is that good. What do you want from me?  I am plenty drunk right now.  I spent the evening at the Morgue, watching a bevvy of PowerViolence bands tear that stage a new asshole.  Beer was had by many, 80's dance party was enjoyed by those of us willing to listen (Thanks Lisa, You are my West End Girl DJ!!!!!). Lonny Bristle popped and locked better than Run DMC ever had(I would like to see you try)... We are lucky to be alive.

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