Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson- 'Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson' LP

YPOFH Bandcamp Page

Coming straight out of Norway with perhaps the silliest name ever, we have Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson.  Download this album right now!!  I implore you!!  You won't be disappointed!!  Put the headphones on, spark a joint and turn the lights down low.   YPOFH craft exquisite, ambient Post-Rock gems with washes of electronic noise calling to mind Gregor Samsa or maybe You.May.Die.In.The.Desert with splashes of the more recent Appleseed Cast thrown in.  The vocals aren't too overly pronounced, they just sort of float there, under the surface, letting the music make the impression.  When the vocals do come around, they can go from a sweet whisper to angelic choral singing to a tortured scream flawlessly.   This is definitely not Hardcore, but, it IS one of the punkest records I have discovered in a long time.  These guys are not following the herd at all.  They have constructed their own world based on lilting beauty and fragile hopefulness.

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