Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pain Made Profit, Diamond Shaped Dollar Signs

There is a difference between what is real and what is easily defined.  Are your eyes open?  Can you see the bigger picture?  When you spend your life inside, with the blinds closed and the blinders on.  Days fall like dominoes, passing you by until one morning you wake up, seventy years old and alone.  No family to speak of, no friends or close associates to lean on.  The hope you once held so close has been replaced by bitter listlessness and unfounded claustrophobia.  It is not your insincerity but your insecurity that drives me.  Per standard definition, you are a man.  Though, your back has only recently learned the true line.  This mind is dead from exhaustion.  Just passing through, we make strange bedfellows.  Could it be, we are drowning in this mire?  Too many wasted whiskey nightmares.  Wrapped up in gossamer threads.  Some old skin, it's wearing out.  Yellowing around the corners.  It just doesn't move the way it used to.  So be it!  Literally!  Age compounds as we dance, smiling, towards our own inevitable end.

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