Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ten Grand-'The Comprehensive List Of Anyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Wrong To Us' LP

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Originally called The Vidablue until some ASSHOLE from the band Phish sued them for the rights to the name, Ten Grand were one of the archetypal Real Screamo bands from the late 90's.  They spent their entire career on the road, tearing the Midwest apart with their special blend of ultra chaotic, screaming hardcore and weird Post Punk breakdowns.  Comparable to The Ladderback, Blood Brothers and Bear vs. Shark.  Guitarist and Vocalist Matt Davis was one of the subjects featured in the popular documentary 'Afro Punk' about being black in a largely white dominated scene.  Unfortunately Matt suffered a fatal seizure and passed away at the age of 26, just as the band was beginning to garner some critical acclaim.  Matt was one of the kindest, most thoughtful people in the scene.  He was always there to listen or lend a hand and he never judged anyone.
       Rest in peace, Matt. Your spirit will live on in our memories and through the music to which you devoted your life.

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