Thursday, December 12, 2013

We Never Learned To Live - We Never Learned To Live


I am stoked to be able to add yet another stellar release to my year-end 'best of' with this three song rager. We Never Learned To Live are from Brighton in the UK and they play a very well developed strain of Post-Rockin' Screamo.  The songs are long and full and brimming with enthusiasm which is more than I can say for some bands trying to execute this style. There is so much going on it's impossible to get bored, even when each track runs well over the five minute mark. Each song is built on that ebb & flow style of build-up/breakdown while the lyrics paint quite the morose picture of pain, loss, regret and redemption. The guitar tone throughout is eerie and ominous and almost reminds me of a funeral march or something. They are certainly leading the listener to the dark beyond with these songs. I think this would appeal to fans of Neurosis, GY!BE, Circle Takes the Square, Suis La Lune, Cult of Luna or any other band who know how to deftly combine atmosphere and rage into one cohesive package.

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