Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sleepless - 7" Split With Cold Days

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Yes, I would be more than honored to immerse myself in the new Sleepless songs and review them on my measly blog. Thank you for thinking of me.
     Toronto is a living, breathing music mecca these days. With so many wonderful bands creating so many disparate sounds, you might imagine it would be difficult to make an impact with your music. In many cases that is true. For all the bands from that city that I have an affinity for, a lot of them are treading a very similar, aurally familiar path. Tons of Screamo and Sludge and Power-Violence and whatnot... Don't get me wrong, I love and cherish all of that. But, sometimes, you just want to ROCK! Like, I mean solid, meat n' potatoes Rock. The kind that sticks to your ribs and makes your belly feel full and warm and... Damn, I just want to bang my head so hard right now!
     I have reviewed these guys before. My thoughts have not changed. Sleepless are ten times better than all the myriad Balance & Composure/Transit/Seahaven clones wandering the earth right now. This is Emo-Post-Rock-Post-Hardcore-Post... played like the 90's were still in full swing. And, I just love it!! Gruff, melodic, hook-laden hopefulness with a very dry, self-deprecating sense of pain and anguish in the lyrics. The guitar lumbers and sways and these guys definitely understand the concept of loud/soft.
     My original comparisons still stand. The Casket Lottery, On The Might Of Princes, Small Brown Bike, Hero Of A Hundred Fights... I would also throw in some Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age this time around. Basically, this is emotional Post-Everything steeped in heavy doses of Alt-Rock with a little Blues-based boogie for good measure. I was so excited for these songs to come out and I am certainly not disappointed. Thank you Ben. Thank you guys.
    Don't sleep on Sleepless. If you do, you will absolutely regret missing the boat on a band that is bound for bigger and better things. I predict a tour with Title Fight sometime within the next year... It will happen.

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