Thursday, May 16, 2013

Odd Dates - Get Even

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Odd Dates are another example of a two-piece band sounding so much more full than the sum of it's parts. I was actually quite surprised to find out this wasn't a four, or even five piece band while I drunkenly listened to them last night. I guess my inebriated ears were playing tricks on me... Anyway, These dudes are from Grand Rapids, Michigan, which, in and of itself isn't that extraordinary. What I find completely phenomenal is how their take on the modern "Post-Hardcore" thingy has been turned on it's ear with the addition of some sad bastard Indie Rock flourishes and a wonderful grasp of wild, Psyche-Rock styled guitar acrobatics. A band like Stolas could actually learn a thing or two from these gents. Vocally, the songs are sung, or spoken-shouted with the occasional screaming outburst. My favorite example of this is during the last verse in the song 'Get Even.' Hell, I guess I should hesitate to describe it as a verse-chorus-verse arrangement. The lyrics are written in more of a fractured prose style, which is seemingly quite common for this kind of sound. Do you remember what Piebald sounded like when they were still a shouty, screamy Post-Whatever band, before they became all super inside-jokey and started writing songs that could have been featured in laxative commercials? Well, take the songs from '...Venetian Blinds' and throw in a little bit of Eiffel and Braid and you should get the picture. I am completely enamored with this band, you should be too.

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