Monday, April 8, 2013

Waytaker - Demo 2012


     Waytaker are a band from the Ukraine whom I very much wish I would have discovered when they put this demo out earlier last year. This certainly would have made it on to my year-end list, for sure. Citing influences ranging from Small Brown Bike to Make Do And Mend to Samiam to Texas Is The Reason, you probably have a pretty good idea what you will be getting into with these songs. 
     Dripping with melancholy and a gruff sensibility, these relatively short bursts do encapsulate that grey area between raging Emo and Indie Rock. While the vocals are mostly sung, there are flashes of screamed catharsis here and there, which only adds to the overall sadness of the whole thing.
     Listening to this demo, I am gladly transported back to the mid/late 90's, when bands such as Midvale and Inkwell were dominating my life with their overwrought bombast. Harshness coupled with calming serenity and an overwhelming sense of self-deprecation to create a four song barrage that is equal parts open diary and caustic manifesto. This is just wonderful.

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