Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No Omega (U.S.) - Discography?


Since everyone and their mother have been posting wildly about the new album by Swedish Post-Everything wunderkinds No Omega, I thought I would talk a little about this short-lived N.Y.C. super group with the same name.
No Omega(U.S.) featured players that spent time in some of the best fucking bands ever from the East Coast! Their vocalist, Chris Terry, sang for Light The Fuse And Run. Mr. Ed Shred played guitar in The End Of The Century Party and bassist Jeremy Scott played in the criminally underrated Gainsville band The Goddamn Deluge with a pre-folkstress Liza Kate.
The three bands I mentioned in the last paragraph have been favorite bands of mine for years, so it's no wonder that an amalgam of those three would probably just drive me wild. It's a real shame they didn't get the chance to release more music... But, time and life and such got in the way. I feel lucky that we at least have the few songs they did record for posterity purposes.
If you have ever enjoyed the sounds of any of the aformentioned bands, you really should give No Omega #1 your undivided attention.

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