Thursday, February 14, 2013

Husker Du - Warehouse: Songs And Stories

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    It can be pretty tough talking about favorite records sometimes. There will always be people out there with different views, different ideas and louder voices who can't help but berate you for your opinions about a band's discography and which album is the better of the bunch. That will not deter me here. Husker Du were a fine Hardcore band. They wrote competently when it came to the loud, fast rules. Apart from a few choice songs, I don't like those early records very much. Hardcore Punk can be a very stale, tired genre. There are so many bands doing the same damned thing and it all starts to sound trite and boring very quickly. It wasn't until the last two albums where Bob Mould and company really began to shine, in my opinion. 'Candy Apple Grey' is great, but, 'Warehouse: Songs And Stories' is Phenomenal!! Pop hooks, beautiful lovelorn lyrics and a heavy Post-Punk shimmer all added to a swan song album that spoke volumes. Husker Du were a band that went out on a high note. Just read the lyrics for 'Standing In The Rain' or 'Friend, You've Got To Fall."  Pure poetry.

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