Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Falsehood - Demo

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Falsehood hail from Edmonton, Alberta and features Durell from Mahria on drums along with dudes from a whole bunch of other bands I have never heard of. These guys are trafficking in the sort of fucked up, nihilistic damage that bands like Eyehategod and Electric Wizard have been so adept at pummeling us with over the years. Doom and dirge and thrashing anger and a nightmarish, hash-fueled hellscape are the names of the game here. Quite often, these songs remind me of some of the early "Black Metal" by the likes of Bathory and Hellhammer. They also cite His Hero Is Gone and Swans as points of influence. Distinctly Lo-Fi, the whole thing sounds sparse, urgent and hollow. Not hollow like lacking substance, but hollow as in these songs might be the soundtrack to your own private hell where you are the last person standing after the nuclear winter has stolen all other life from the earth. As you trudge through the darkness, starving, half-blind and scared out of your wits, Falsehood might be the sound of a welcome end.

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