Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christopher Walking - Smooches.

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     Once again, scouring Bandcamp has paid off handsomely.

     Christopher Walking are from Philadelphia. They are a three-piece Post/Pop/Indie/Emo powerhouse bringing the jamz with much infection and honest reflection. Everyone in the band sings, everyone in the band screams, everyone in the band sounds like they are having a blast playing these songs. The lyrics are funny and smart. I especially love the last line of the last verse from the song 'Gerald Has Exceptional Kneecaps.' Listen and find out why...
     As far as comparisons go, I would cite early Built To Spill as a strong reference point as well as a band like Lync for that ramshackle melody running rampant throughout the songs. I have also been detecting heavy aural doses of a band like Oxford Collapse, who many of you might not be familiar with, but, believe me, are well worth the tracking down and falling in love with that they deserve.
     For a first EP, this is brilliant! I hope these guys continue creating and building and bringing the raucousness, because I want more!!!!

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