Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Xaxaxa - Siromašni i bogati

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It isn't often I come across Punk bands from Macedonia. I am aware of the very rich history of bands and movements coming from that area over the years. I guess I can thank Socialism for the influx of western influence. Some parts of the former Yugoslavia weren't so lucky... Anyway, Xaxaxa are from Macedonia and play Punk Rock like the 80's never ended. These songs are brimming with drive, melody and R-O-C-K!!!! I hear equal parts latter-era Husker Du (Think 'Candy Apple Grey' or 'Warehouse: Songs and Stories'), Pegboy and any number of bands that were basking in the "Revolution Summer." Once again, if I haven't expressed this enough in the past, I am a complete sucker for bands not compromising their art and singing in English to cater to foreign audiences. It just naturally sounds better and more intense when a band sings in their native tongue. I am very grateful the band took the time to translate the lyrics for us dumb westerners. With regards to the lyrical content, Xaxaxa tend toward the political but they also create vaguely cryptic story lines that seem to be about death or redemption or the destruction of nature. Xaxaxa do a wonderful job of capturing the energy that those early Post-Punk and Hardcore bands were creating. It is a welcome change from all the Screamo and Chaotic Hardcore I have been listening to as of late. Before I go, I would also like to recommend their previous LP, entitled 'Tango Revolucioner'. It is also up for free download at their Bandcamp page.

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