Sunday, September 16, 2012

Endless Rope - Demo 2012

Download Link (Bandcamp)

I haven't been this blown away by a demo in a real long time!! I found Endless Rope while skimming the record reviews over at Collective 'Zine. The folks at that fine site usually have pretty good taste when it comes to Hardcore and the screamier side of things, so I figured I would give a listen to these bruisers from Leeds after reading a glowing review. I love Rites Of Spring, Beefeater, Dag Nasty, Embrace, Gray Matter, Drive Like Jehu and those early Replacements records. It sounds to me like Endless Rope might enjoy the sounds of those bands as well. The songs on this demo are brimming with drive and set to explode. Sometimes somber, sometimes raging along with wild abandon, the music here just feels very honest to me. They aren't trying to be "Skramz" nor are they attempting to surf that wave that has been bogging down an entire generation of young bands. Endless Rope play Post-Hardcore with a sincerity and passion some bands who have been around years longer can't seem to grasp. It excites me to no end just thinking about where these guys will take us with their next record.

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