Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The United Sons Of Toil - Forces Of Production


The United Sons Of Toil (UST) are from my home state of Wisconsin. Madison to be exact. They have been a band for quite some time now and if you haven't heard them, you should really do yourself a favor and give their albums a listen. They play a vicious style of 90's worshipping Noise-Rock that hearkens back to the glory days of Amphetamine Reptile and Touch & Go. If you have ever enjoyed Helmet or Shellac or Killdozer or Scratch Acid... You will most certainly get off on these guys. Bottom heavy and driving and caustic and confrontational all rolled into one. This new collection of songs happens to be a remix album by a bunch of artists I have never heard of, and one I have. I don't normally find myself attracted to remix albums, like, ever. Usually, I feel like the remix does a lot more to take away from the original power of whatever song is being remixed. That is not the case with these songs however. For whatever reason, I feel the songs that UST create lend themselves quite well to the cut-and-paste treatment. I have especially been drawn to the Guerrilla Digital reinterpretations. Possibly because I have met Martin, the man behind Guerrilla Digital, a few times before, but, there is just something so harsh and otherworldly about his take on their compositions. This is a very interesting idea put together by an amazing band who should be way bigger than they are. I am recommending this for fans of Sludge, Harsh-Noise and/or Trip-Hop. There is a little something here for everyone.

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