Tuesday, September 18, 2012



This post isn't going to be about any one record in particular from the band Interlude and more about the band as a whole as I have found it increasingly impossible to pick out one record I feel is more deserving of praise than the others. I first became aware of these fellas a while back during one of my extensive Internet searches scouring for Spanish Screamo. You see, years ago, I fell in love with this band Standstill from Barcelona, who, despite becoming more of an Indie/Arena-Rock monstrosity in their later days, started out writing some of the most volatile and scathing Screamo and Post-Hardcore I had heard in a long time. I was convinced that, with a bit of investigative work, I could find other bands from the region playing in the same style. It did take me a few years beyond that initial discovery to get my hands on Interlude, but, once I did, my life was forever changed for the better. In my opinion, Interlude draw influence directly from French Screamo in all the best ways. I hear hints of everything from Amanda Woodward and The Apollo Program to Mihai Edrisch and Diatro. With long, sweeping Post-Rock passages leading into chaotic rhythm-driven outbursts, these songs display such a wide range of feeling and emotion, it's hard not to get caught up in the melee. Now, I wouldn't really call this full-blown Screamo, Per Se... Nor would I call this Emo-Violence or "Skramz..." Interlude take a bit of all of that and mash it together with some very interesting electronic flourishes here and there to create something completely different. Imagine Idiot Pilot and Costacurta getting in a bare knuckle, back alley brawl where the winner is decided by who can successfully Karaoke the entire first side of the S/T album by Single State Of Man. If any of that makes sense to you, I am sure you would be very interested in hearing Interlude. Go to their Bandcamp page and slip them a few bucks for their records. They certainly deserve it. Maybe someday, they will make it to the states and I can book them a show in Seattle... #1 on the wish list!!

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