Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sky Burial - Where Four Rivers Flow LP

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     Sky Burial are from Tennessee. That should be enough of a push for you to listen to this.

     'Where Four Rivers Flow' by Sky Burial is the second of two releases I am reviewing for Replenish Records. The label was kind enough to delve deep into my psyche to find out exactly what I had been desperately needing to hear this week, so, I am returning the favor by heaping mass amounts of praise on their stellar roster of bands.
     To me, this record creates the same kinds of emotions that must come from traversing those desolate peaks that adorn the album cover. One minute, you are struggling to find your foothold within deep drifts of snow and ice, lumbering forever forward, toward a certain doom, aware that any misstep could be your last. The next, you are inches from supposed safety as you reach what appears to be a clearing, only to find yourself trapped against a sheer rock wall with nowhere to go but down. That might sound vague to you, I'm not sure. I can say with certainty, if you invest some time in this record, you will discover emotions you probably didn't even know you had.
     Sky Burial rely heavily on atmosphere. These songs ebb and flow through washes of deep distortion and serene melancholy. Imagine if you will, Do Make Say Think and Fall Of Efrafa jamming together as the world crumbles all around them. Imagine Neurosis signing to Constellation Records and touring with Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Basically, this is one of the most potent mixtures of somberness and rage I have heard in quite some time.
     Like I said before, Sky Burial are from Tennessee. Nashville to be exact. When I think of influential birth places for music, I often think of Tennessee. So many amazing bands have been born from that state over the years. His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy came from Memphis. From Ashes Rise and Look What I Did came from Nashville. Generation Of Vipers are from Knoxville. So many wonderful bands have come from that state to kick my ass over the years. Sky Burial are the newest addition to that list.
     I might as well give you some sort of R.I.Y.L. list: Kayo Dot, Isis, Jesu, Red Sparrows, the Ocean, Omega Massif, Asunder. That is just a partial list of the bands that may or may not have been influential to Sky Burial. Either way, this record should appeal to fans of Post-Metal, Sludge, Funeral Doom and the like.

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