Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quinceanera - Square Knot EP

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This EP came out about a year ago. Lately though, I have been scouring Bandcamp for the more obscure bands who have posted their songs to that site. Quinceanera are from Harrisonburg, Virginia. The play dirty, lo-fi Screamo with tons of conviction and heart. There are some twinkles here and there and some parts that verge on EmoViolence. The rhythm section does a fine job of keeping everything locked in nice and tight. I am not sure if they are still an active band, though, their FB page doesn't really say much otherwise. I hope they are still active, I would love to hear a full length album someday. Fans of Innards, 1994!, Harrison Bergeron and Don't Fuck With Columbus should find plenty to like with this release.

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  1. I would listen to this just based on the name of the band!