Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dying In This Place - Alma Demo 2011

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I have listened to this here demo from Dying In This Place from Croatia fifteen or so times this evening. Over and over as the haze envelopes me. This is perfect late night Post-Whatever for the stoner set. As the band puts it, this is Slow Screamo. Or, Slooooow Screamo, if you like your o's like I do. The music travels a bit quicker than a snail's pace throughout, only picking up steam from time to time. The vocals are screamed to incoherence, with the only understandable parts being when the music drops out and the vocalist or vocalists go from yelling to talking. It almost reminds me of what it would sound like if June Of 44 gave up on their Sea Shantying and started yelling like Slint... Or Slint, with Screamier vocals... Or Sigur Ros with less orchestral nothingness and more balls. I don't know if that last one is all that accurate. I just wanted to type the term orchestral nothingness. There, I typed it twice. If Iselia or Eris Flies Tonight find themselves in heavy rotation on you IPod, you might just want to download this and get heady. Drop the band a line on their FB page as well. I am sure they would appreciate it.

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