Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kodama - Self Titled 7"

Kodama At Bandcamp

I found this on Bandcamp today. I was looking for another band called Kodama from Edmonton, AB Canada that a friend told me about. Lo and behold, I loved this plucky little Punk band even more than the one I was looking for.  Funny how that happens sometimes.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any album artwork, so you are just going to have to live with a picture of their guitarist.  This is a very lovely little two song outing by a newish band from Chico, California. The first song is called 'Lethargy' and that is sort of the feeling it elicits. It starts things off nice and calm not unlike those great Emo bands from the 90's. Think Mineral, Christie Front Drive or My Own Pine Box. Very pretty melody mixed with some louder guitar parts makes for a pleasant listen. Song #2 is called 'Before the Storm'. It almost sounds like a completely different band. Fast, screamy, chaotic Hardcore that makes me think of the brilliance of bands like RentAmerica, Meadowlark, Coleman or Jihad. Super screechy vocals only add to the insanity. I love it when a band can pull off multiple styles on the same record. It keeps things from getting all stale. I hope they can make it to Seattle someday, I would love to set up a show for them.

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