Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cutters - We Are The Quarry

     The last time I reviewed Cutters, I likened their lo-fi approach to bands such as Built To Spill, Cloud Nothings and Teenage Cool Kids. On this new record, I believe they certainly retain a lot of that sound & feel, while throwing in a lot more straight-ahead rock-n-roll along the way. The vocals are still strong and clear and sung with so much heart it's near impossible not to sing along. The lyrics are brimming with positive vibes and hopeful miseries and I am more than reminded of Piebald in the lyrical and vocal delivery. So, Cutters have blessed their first LP upon the world filled with a little pop, a lot of rock-n-roll, a liberal dose of ramshackle fuzz and a whole lot of gusto. This time around, I am reminded of Piebald, Oxford Collapse, Reigning Sound and the aforementioned bands from the last review. All in all, this record has all the bases covered for fans of the straight up, good ol' fashioned boogie.

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