Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yusuke / Delos - Split 7"

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     This split features two bands from two very different points on the map. Delos come from Bremen, Germany, and while they do display some of the same aggression as their forebears, these songs are less meat-and-potatoes Hardcore or Grind and more just bitter, pounding Screamo built on straight-ahead propulsion and a propensity for open chords and bouts of languid misery.
     Yusuke are from the Normal, Illinois area. They also play Screamo with a very lo-fi approach and an almost Power-violence bent that most certainly sends them into Emo-violence territory. The vocals are appropriately screeched and unhinged, though they do take some time out for pretty parts and deep hardcore vocals and the occasional movie sound-bite here and there.
     Neither of these bands are breaking the mold, but when the mold fits so well, why bother breaking it? This is a wonderful split by two bands brimming with passion and heart. I am not going to bother trying to compare either of them to any other bands. You already know you will like it, so like it.  

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