Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ice Hockey - The Way It Is Now


Ice Hockey are from the Quad Cities region in Iowa. The exact same place I originally came from. Hell, a few of them may have even been born in the same hospital as me. That doesn't have anything to do with why I enjoy these songs so much. The fact that they are coming through Seattle on tour in January and I booked their show also has no bearing on how awesome I think these guys are. Sure, I have a deep admiration for hometown sounds. Sure, I book a lot of shows for super amazing bands. Sure, Ice Hockey are really, really good at what they do. None of that matters. The pure and simple truth is, this record just makes me feel content. They are obviously having a ton of fun playing these songs. There is a sweet lightness that accompanies the harsh overtones which makes this whole thing feel so Midwest. There are some Twinkles, some Skramz, some Post-Rock-isms here and there... Everything is right with the world.

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