Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yaw - Malda LP

Caleiah Records

Yaw are a dedicated group of rabble-rousers from the Basque Country who are creating some seriously intense Post-Hardcore not unlike Amanda Woodward and Envy. The vocals are appropriately raw, the lyrics are in the personal as political realm and screamed in their native tongue and the songs as a whole have that wonderful, drawn-out Post-Rock influence permeating thoughout which any fan of the aforementioned bands should enjoy.

Caleiah Records is a radical label from Spain doing amazing things for our Hardcore scene. Besides putting out some of the best Screamo records of the last decade, the folks who run the label are working tirelessly to bring as many international heavy hitters to their shores as they can. It couldn't hurt to show them some love and support.

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