Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Little Explorer!!!

Bandcamp Link

     I honestly feel like a fool for not doing my research. The Little Explorer were Crash Of Rhinos before Crash Of Rhinos became Crash Of Rhinos. Now, I have been a fan of the sounds Crash Of Rhinos have been creating since they started. They are a fine band. The Little Explorer were great, ARE GREAT!! My jaw has been on the floor for the last day and a half listening to these songs. I can't believe I had never heard of these guys before now!!
     Everything The Little Explorer were doing musically is exactly what I want in my aural decimation. Couple the off-key, whiney, sad boy Emo of the 90's with that glorious, fall on the floor spazz-out of bands like The Ladderback and Rentamerica while dissecting it all like an impossible geometric math equation and you would be getting pretty close. I am so freaking stoked on these songs right now, I think I want to get a tattoo representing my new found love for this long gone band. Everything The Little Explorer put out is top notch!! I recommend it all!!

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