Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bandera - Bromotional Material EP

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Welcome to the new year, everyone!!!

     If you have been following this blog for any substantial amount of time, you know all about my fascination with Toronto and the myriad amazing bands that city has produced over the last handful of years. Bandera are another in a long line of strong, stirring Post-Hardcore bands that call Toronto home. They have been around for a couple years now, but, these are the first songs my buddy Jordan is playing bass on. With wonderful results!! I loved the old songs, but, with Jordan taking care of the low-end, these tunes just sound so much more full and full of life.
     Bandera do a seamless job of criss-crossing genre lines throughout their songs. I hear everything from dirty Rock-n-Roll swagger to pulsing, throbbing Alt-Rock to screamy 90's style Emo. Every awesome sound is represented in mass-effect here and man, do they do it with aplomb!!
     The lyrics are socio-political in nature. Often verging on outright scathing indictments of big business and big brother and the failing of the old guard to care for and nurture Mother Earth and it's inhabitants. 

     If I had to pick bands to compare Bandera to, I guess I would say something like The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and Trapdoor Fucking Exit for that don't-give-a-fuck Rock attitude, Ivich for that bass-heavy throb and, how about... Portraits Of Past for the all-around naked, emotional reveal.
     I am really glad 2012 is finally over. Now, the one thing that will make this new year that much more special will be when these Toronto bands finally get their collective asses to Seattle so I can book some shows for them.

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