Sunday, October 14, 2012

Troubled Coast - Awake And Empty LP

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Sure, Troubled Coast may wear their influences blatantly on their sleeves. Sure, you could say they might just be ripping off Touche Amore and La Dispute. Sure, "The Wave" is as stupid as "Emotronica" and "Crab-Core" and the like... None of that matters here. Genre tags and haters can go fuck themselves. The first full-length from Bay Area powerhouse Troubled Coast is as good as anything that has come out this year under the Screamo/Emo/Post-Hardcore umbrella. These songs are passionate, overwrought and filled to the brim with compelling instrumentation. I am reminded of mewithoutYou, Hero Of A Hundred Fights, Frodus, As Friends Rust and strangely enough, Cadillac Blindside. I am reminded of the 90's and how great it was going to shows at The Loft in Madison. I LOVED the two EP's that the band put out earlier in their career and I was more than excited when I got my hands on this record. I will forever champion these guys in whatever direction they decide to take. Of particular note is the song '1967'. There is a driving force behind the vocal delivery, either sung or screamed, that gets my heart racing every time. This record is amazing and will certainly make my 2012 best of list.

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